USDA Seafood Trade Relief Program

The USDA recently introduced the Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP) including $530 million for U.S. fishermen impacted by ‘retaliatory tariffs.’ Fishermen can apply for relief through the program until December 14, 2020.

The STRP seafood payment rate will be on a per pound basis and will reflect the estimated severity of the impact of trade disruptions to U.S. seafood caught and sold commercially.

Seafood commodities covered through STRP and their payment rates:
Atka Mackerel $0.10 lb
Crab (Dungeness) $0.47 lb
Crab (King) $0.47 lb
Crab (snow) $0.47 lb
Crab (Southern Tanner) $0.47 lb
Flounder $0.15 lb
Geoduck $0.76 lb
Goosefish $0.10 lb
Herring $0.04 lb
Lobster $0.50 lb
Pacific Cod $0.14 lb
Pacific Ocean Perch $0.10 lb
Pollock $0.01 lb
Sablefish $0.10 lb
Salmon $0.16 lb
Sole $0.15 lb
Squid $0.20 lb
Tuna $0.13 lb
Turbot $0.15 lb

Fishermen should apply though their local USDA Service Center. For Alaska, this is the Palmer office. To contact the Palmer Service Center:
Call: (907)761-7754
Mail: 800 E. Palmer-Wasilla Hwy
Suite 216
Palmer, AK 99645
Email: Erin Sturdivant

The application can be printed and mailed in, or submitted as an online portal application at

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