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Our current dues are $1,200 for Full Members, $350 for Associate Members, and $275 for Business Members. Full and Associate dues are payable in October, Business dues are payable in January. Benefits of membership include seasonal meetings at which members discuss important issues and a local office and Director as resources when you need information. E-mail updates, and keep you informed on current issues. Additional benefits of Full Membership include eligibility to sit on PVOA’s Board of Directors. Full¬†Members also have voting privileges.

By joining PVOA, you will have an advocate at many meetings including the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Board of Fisheries, International Pacific Halibut Commission, United Fishermen of Alaska, Halibut Coalition, King and Tanner Task Force, and many others. With all the challenges facing commercial fishing today, it pays to know someone is keeping up on the issues concerning your business. PVOA is a respected and knowledgeable voice on fisheries issues and we are often called upon by the community, legislators, and regulatory agencies to provide information and input.

It is important to support the organization that advocates for our fleet. To join, simply fill out the form a below and return it with your dues. Or use the PayPal option at the bottom. If you have any questions please feel free to call, stop by the office, or email. Thank you in advance for your support of PVOA!

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