About Us

Petersburg Vessel Owner’s Association

(PVOA) is a multi-gear, multi-species advocacy group that monitors and acts on current issues that affect the fishing industry. PVOA is in the process of preparing for another busy year, with many important issues facing the fleet. Upcoming meetings include the North Pacific Fishery Management Council that will deal with bycatch, halibut, groundfish, IFQs, and many others. The International Pacific Halibut Commission has been important to attend recently due to charter halibut issues and apportionment between areas. King and Tanner Task Force meetings have also become critical to monitor and attend with the red king crab survey efforts.

PVOA Mission Statement

“The purpose of the organization is to protect the economic viability of the commercial fishing fleet in Petersburg; promote the conservation and rational management of North Pacific fisheries resource; and advocate the need for protection of fisheries habitat.”

Office Hours (Not Including Travel Days)

Monday – Friday

9:00 am – 12:00 noon



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