Scholarship Information

History of Scholarship Recipients      
Petersburg Vessel Owner’s Association

2018 Casey Evens and Kaia Dahl
2017 Alissa Lund
2016  Adanna Kvernvik and Jeremy Randrup
2015   Shalie Dahl and Nels Evens
2014   Grace Weller
2013   Tyler Wallace
2012   Jacob Loucks
2011   Tony Craig
2010   Kristin Neuneker
2009   Rhonda Jacobsen Wilson
2008   Cody Smith
2007   Lindsey Wickham
2006   Josie Ware
2005   Rachel Kvernvik
2004   Eliana Aldrete
2003   Brad & Bryon Fletcher
2002   Drew Ware
2001   Marie Peterson
2000   Luis Silva
1999   Kyle Roundtree
1998   Justin Peeler
1997   Jake Slaven
1996   Shiree Lucas

The Petersburg Vessel Owner’s Association is pleased to present its scholarship program for graduating seniors of Petersburg High School. One scholarship will be provided in the amount of $2,000.  A focus on vocational training or advancement of the fishing industry is preferred. Student selection will be based upon the application packet indicating why the student would like to be considered for this scholarship. This scholarship will be included in the scholarship folder.

The essay should include the following:

  1. Future educational plans, especially vocational plans.
  2. Involvement in school and community.
  3. Work experience (it is expected that students will make a significant contribution to their educational costs).
  4. Financial need (see attached form).
  5. Other factors you may wish to mention.
  6. Current high school transcript (through December) including GPA and class rank.
  7. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or principal, and one letter from a member of the community (three letters total).
  8. An essay about the importance of the commercial fishing industry to Petersburg.

Promptness, neatness, completeness of application, and quality of written comments will be included in the factors that the selection committee will consider.  Interested students should submit their applications to the high school counselor.  The name of the selected student will be announced at the Petersburg High School graduation ceremony.

The amount of the scholarship will be paid in two installments.  The first installment of $1,000 will be contingent upon completion of the first term of school as a full-time student with passing grades and proof of enrollment in the second term.  The second installment of $1,000 will be contingent upon completion of the second term of school as a full-time student with passing grades and proof of enrollment in a third term.  It is also expected that the recipients of this scholarship will maintain written communication with the sponsoring organization to keep them aware of the student’s progress and school experience.