Alaska DMV Vessel Registration Law

In 2018 SB92 Derelect Vessel Act was voted into law as an effort to address the delinquent and abandoned vessels throughout the State of Alaska. Documented and Undocumented vessels must now registered with the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles. This registration is in addition to USCG documentation. The fee is $24 for 3 years and meant to create a paper trail for enforcement and removal of abandoned vessels and a funding source for the efforts. Seaplanes and lifeboats are not required to be registered. Here is the DMV form for title/registration, you can bring your USCG Documentation in for proof of ownership. Do not Title your boat if it is USCG documented, only undocumented vessels over 24 feet need to be Titled. You will need to place the square registration decal on your vessel. Here is more information from the DMV.

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