Sea Otter Sewing Class in Petersburg

The Sealaska Heritage Institute is planning to offer a sea otter sewing class. The cost is $100, and in return, attendees will receive a sea otter pelt ($350 value) plus instruction on how to stretch and sew the hide into handicrafts which they get to keep. The class is scheduled to be from October 31 to November 3.

Currently, there are 4 people registered for the Petersburg class. The maximum number of participants is 15, but if there are fewer than 10 students enrolled by Friday, Sealaska will cancel the class. Because of Federal regulation, participants will need to be at least 1/4 Alaska Native.

This class will be an excellent opportunity to encourage the use of sea otters. If you would like to support more hunting and use of sea otter fur, please consider getting the word out. Here is the flyer for the course.

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