Pubic Outreach meeting on IFQ Program Amendments

In Kodiak during the NPFMC meeting a public outreach session will be held concurrent with the June meeting. The session will be Tuesday, June 5, from 5 pm-6:30 pm in the Pavilion Room, and will provide an open forum for stakeholders to give insight on the present state of the halibut and sablefish IFQ Program and provide direction for future actions that might be considered by the Council and its IFQ Committee. 
The Council is particularly seeking input on issues related to entry level opportunities and rural participation in the fishery. The listening session will be held in a round-table format chaired by Council member Buck Laukitis. NPFMC and Alaska Fisheries Science Center staff will provide an overview of findings in the 20-Year Program Review that relate to the session’s topic, as well as a summary of recent IFQ Committee proposals and Council recommendations for discussion papers that could guide future amendment packages. Following that introduction, the chair will facilitate a discussion with topics guided by the input of people attending the meeting. NPFMC staff will prepare a meeting summary that captures participants’ insights on the program and proposals for modifications that could help the Council continue to address management objectives. That report will be presented to the Council during the same week, and the Council may choose to task the IFQ Committee with developing the public’s feedback into proposals for action.
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