NP Council Workshop at June Meeting

NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center is starting a new research endeavor on the interactions between fishing families and changing regulations, and environmental and socioeconomic conditions in Alaska fisheries. The impacts of fisheries management on families is an important component of understanding how fishing communities are affected by changing regulations, a key NP Council concern. And, yet, this dimension of fishing community impacts has received relatively minimal study.

NMFS is working to organize a workshop around this topic during the upcoming June Council meeting in Juneau (similar to the IFQ crew workshop they held last year). The workshop will be a chance to start scoping out the type of research questions that may be worth pursuing further. NMFS is looking to discuss several key themes including family roles and gender division of labor; impacts of management, environmental, social, and economic changes on these roles and divisions; and the future of fishing families and women’s roles in Alaska’s fisheries.

The workshop will be held on the evening of June 9th at 5:15pm in Centennial Hall Ballroom 3 and is open to the public.

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