NSRAA RFP for Thomas Bay

NSRAA has an RFP out for Thomas Bay. They are looking for a contractor with a boat to help with rearing chum fry beginning this February through early June, an estimated 120 days. A general job description and requirements are listed below.

1. Labor:

o A minimum of two people, from Mid-February to early June (est. 120 days), for the rearing of up to 25 million Hidden Falls hatchery chum fry with size goals and release objectives prescribed by Hatchery staff.

o The contractor is expected to have a 24 hours/day, 7 days/week presence at the site. Daily tasks will be feeding to promote fry growth and health as well as maintain the nets/pens, and other infrastructure. Work day length will vary from 4-5 hrs per day at start and up to 10 plus hours per day at project end. Occasional trips offsite to resupply vessel/crew will be allowed.

o Mobilize the project infrastructure in concert with Hatchery staff (i.e. net pen/float set up and anchoring). Estimated one week of gear and netpen preparation prior to mobilization.

o Daily check-in and weekly communication of feeding/size sampling results or as directed to Hatchery staff.

o Performance and growth sampling each week or as directed.

o Maintaining rearing records to include: weekly sample weights, feed amounts and inventories, mortality counts, and other pertinent records as required.

o Net maintenance and cleaning.

o Miscellaneous fish culture and maintenance tasks as requested.

o Clean-up (including consolidation of empty feed bags and other rubbish) and gear storage upon completion of rearing operations.

o At project’s completion remove nets and prepare netpens for winter storage.

2. Operational Overhead:

o Contractor must supply a Live-aboard vessel, skiff, outboard, and fuel and all costs associated with operating this equipment and crew.

Interested applicants need to submit a proposal to Scott Wagner at NSRAA by January 13, 2017. Proposals should include a price for the estimated 120 day contract and a daily rate in case additional days are necessary. Names of individuals to preform work, specifications of the live-aboard vessel and skiff, satellite communications ability, and any other beneficial information should be included in the proposal also. Any questions or applications can be sent to Scott at Phone: (907) 747-6850 Fax:(907) 747-1470 Email: scott_wagner@nsraa.org

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