Important Dates

-May 18-22 the USCG will be in Petersburg conducting dockside exams. You can sign-up at the Harbor Master office.
-May 18 at 6pm in the Public Library Elizabeth Figus will be presenting her PhD findings from interviewing 78 fishermen about their experiences with electronic monitoring, human observers, logbooks, and halibut fishing prior to 2013. The flier for this event is attached.
-May 18 at 7:30pm in the Coast Guard training room there will be a question and answer session for fishermen.
-May 23-25 AMSEA is planning on being in Petersburg to hold a refresher class to renew expired Drill Conductor cards and a Stability Workshop.
-May 25th King/Tanner task force meeting.
-June 9 Platypus Marine invites you to join them for their Captains and Crews Barbecue catered by Liv and Heidi’s Kjoken and Kito’s Kave.

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