Southeast Sea Otter Stakeholder

The Southeast Sea Otter Stakeholder Meeting is being held in Juneau tomorrow, November 6th, from 8:30am-5:00pm at the Lecture Hall at the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum. You can attend in person, or stream the meeting live. In response to concerns expressed by numerous groups about the growth and health of the Southeast sea otter population, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is leading an effort to organize and hold a Southeast Sea Otter Stakeholders Meeting. The intent is to bring together organizations and individuals from across southeast Alaska and other parts of the state to review the latest science and research about sea otters and—with the guidance of a professional facilitator—to discuss potential approaches to mitigating and/or resolving resource conflicts. Read more...
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2020 Young Fishermen’s Summit

The Young Fishermen’s Summit will be held January 21-23 in Juneau Alaska. The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit builds leadership and networking capacity in the Alaska commercial fishing industry during three days of intensive training. The fast-paced program features industry leaders in fishing business management, the fisheries management process, and the role of Alaska seafood in the global marketplace. The summit is also timed to take advantage of the start of the Alaska Legislature regular session in Juneau.   Early registration fee through Friday, January 7, 2020 is $150 and late registration fee is $175 afterwards. Here is more information. Read more...
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Presentation on Humpbacks Foraging near Hidden Falls

Today, at 1pm Madison Koma, a Masters student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, will be presenting on her findings of foraging humpback whales near Hidden Falls hatchery. You can watch her presentation from this link:   Recent increases in the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) population have generated considerable interest in understanding the foraging habits of these large marine predators in the Gulf of Alaska. Globally, humpback whales are classified as generalist predators, but are known to exhibit localized differences in diet. Intensified predation pressure is of particular concern to resource managers, who have observed whales feeding at juvenile hatchery salmon release sites in Southeast Alaska. We assessed the diets and Read more...
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Southeast Alaska Regional Planning Team, Purse Seine Task Force, and Drift Gillnet Task Force Meeting Schudle

Petersburg. . . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today the following information about the Southeast Alaska Purse Seine and Drift Gillnet Task Force meetings and the Southeast Regional Planning Team (RPT) meeting. The department holds annual meetings each year between fishery managers, researchers, aquaculture organizations, fishermen, gear group organizations, processing company representatives, and any other interested parties to review the previous salmon season, discuss topics of importance for management of the fisheries, and plan for the following season. Task force meetings have rotated between communities to provide increased access and participation. At the request of participants, task force meetings will be held in conjunction with the Southeast Regional Read more...
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This Marine Safety Information Bulletin from the USCG as a reminder that the Tongass Narrows is a 7 knot speed zone. Fees for violations begin at $1,000 for the 1st offense and a map of the zone is included.

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Alaska DMV Vessel Registration Law

In 2018 SB92 Derelect Vessel Act was voted into law as an effort to address the delinquent and abandoned vessels throughout the State of Alaska. Documented and Undocumented vessels must now registered with the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles. This registration is in addition to USCG documentation. The fee is $24 for 3 years and meant to create a paper trail for enforcement and removal of abandoned vessels and a funding source for the efforts. Seaplanes and lifeboats are not required to be registered. Here is the DMV form for title/registration, you can bring your USCG Documentation in for proof of ownership. Do not Title your boat if it is USCG documented, only undocumented vessels over 24 feet need to be Titled. You will need to place the square registration decal on your vessel. Here Read more...
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Dockside Exams

The Coast Guard will be in Petersburg from 1pm Tuesday, may 14th through 1pm Friday, May 17th to conduct Dockside Exams. The harbor master’s office has a sign-up sheet. And you can visit for a checklist of requirements for vessels.

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